I’ll Remember you℠ Cremation Program & Products

I'll Remember You®

Honoring and Remembering Your Loved One

The choice of cremation is very personal. When your family chooses cremation, there are a number of decisions you will want to consider:

What type of memorial service is right for your family?

You and your immediate family members may choose to spend some private time with your loved one.

Do you want a Private Family Viewing?

A private family viewing or service offers you an opportunity to say goodbye in a quiet setting surrounded by close family members prior to cremation. Private family viewings and services provide you with special time to share memories with close family members and to reflect on the life of your loved one. Many families find that this special time helps them with the grieving process.

What kind of cremation casket or container will you choose?

While an alternative container is required for cremation, you may choose from among a number of cremation caskets and containers that may suit the personality of your loved one as well as the desires of your family. The choice of container is very personal, and the type of memorial service you choose will likely have a bearing on the choice of casket or container.

Which urn and other keepsakes are right for your family?

The choice of cremation means you have a number of possibilities when you are considering which urn and other keepsakes you might select. There are no right or wrong choices, but you will want to consider whether you will wish to provide a place for family and friends to visit for generations to come. Consider whether you wish to:

  • Bury the urn in a cemetery
  • Inter the urn in a columbarium or niche
  • Take the urn home to create a special commemorative display on a shelf or mantle
  • Share the cremated remains with close family members, such as siblings
  • Scatter the urns on land or at sea

If you choose to scatter the cremated remains, you may wish to keep a portion in a keepsake or small urn, as scattering is a permanent choice.

What choice of memorial jewelry commemorates the life of your loved one?

Memorial jewelry is a type of keepsake that holds a small portion of cremated remains, a lock of hair, or other small memento. Memorial jewelry may be purchased for multiple family members, and is ideal for families who wish to share portions of the remains. There are many different possible selections of memorial jewelry, from pendants to bracelets, and you may wish to choose a piece that best reflects the personality of your loved one.

What type of permanent memorialization would you like to have to ensure that your loved one is secure in a place of honor?

The selection of cremation does not preclude creating a permanent memorial in a cemetery or mausoleum. Options for permanent memorialization include interment in a columbarium, glass front niche, ground burial, interment in a cremation garden, among many others.

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